Heavy haulage transport

Whether you are moving heavy equipment, vehicles or any large or extra-large loads, contact the heavy haulage specialists at West Coast Trucking. We transport the heavy stuff from anywhere to everywhere. In fact, the larger the load the better. When it comes to the heavy haulage transport of over dimensional (unusually large) equipment, look no further than us. With more than 20 years in the transport industry, we have mastered the business of transporting the heaviest loads to anywhere in Australia. Contact us to find out more.

Our services

  • Transport of structural, forestry and mining equipment
  • Project logistics and supervisor roles
  • Organisation of government departments including permits and police escorts
  • Use of swing lift side loaders for container transport
  • Low loaders up to 100T, can help transport equipment over that size
  • Steerable jinkers for extra-long loads
  • Pilot vehicles
  • Large array of support equipment to assist with loading of strange or out of the ordinary loads
  • Fully-equipped workshop to modify or adapt equipment to suit your requirements

Why use us?

  • Family owned and run business
  • More than 60 years’ combined experience
  • Exceptional personal service
  • Solution oriented
  • Hands-on management

Latest news

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When you need to move the largest objects the furthest distance, you can contact us, we’re used to it.